Cutting for punching

We would like to invite you to our facility to show you our great ability.

We can show that even with the simple operatons such as cutting, we can  master and make in superior quality.

Our cutting machines are new. And they are under good light.

Our cutting masters are more than 5 years in our facility and therefore they know very well how to adjust the cutting. This procedure is as well important since we want to keep 1 mm tolerance with our embossments, top / bottom matching and so on.

We are careful when we insert the tinplate into machine, and we are very carefully landing it after cutting.

Some clients that understand the cutting procedure and they saw our system, they recognize that manual cutting can be better than automatic.

There are two types of cutting:

  • Roll Knife

Used for fast linear cutting. It can help production a lot, but we must be careful about tinplate landing after cutting. Therefore our masters will catch and lay down the each piece of tin plate to avoid scratches. Each and every piece.

  • Guillotine

Slower cutting for special cases of individual linear cut.