Manufacturing Procedures

Manufacturing Procedures in KaiserPack are fully optimized.

In KasierPack we believe that the best problem solving is it’s early discovery.


Manufacturing Procedures

As manufacturer, we have all internal procedures of production to enhance the product quality, production speed and self-sustainability.

  •  Design Studio
  •  Mold Department
  •  Printing
  •  Varnish
  •  Cutting for punching
  •  Forming / Punching
  •  Assembly and Packaging
  •  Quality Control
  •  Measuring
  •  Testing


Design Studio

During these years in China, one of the most magical moments are when you manage to connect Western thinking and Asian production. To accomplish this, we had to change the approach of the development and customer service.
Soon our development team that joined people from different interesting branches, started to invent wonderful tin boxes that were proudly sold all over the world.
In order to obtain this kind of success, we had to form “in house” development from hand drawing, 3D drawing, hand mock ups, amazing photo-realistic renders and finally 3D printed mock ups or CNC prototypes.
Now we are proud to be able to develop wonderful and quick prototypes.

Mold Department

Our mold department speeds up mass production preparation and makes better follow up of product development.

Material Cut

One of the basic operations but also quite important, the material cutting.

As we have great material stock coming in coils, we are flexible to delivery different kinds of customized materials for your packaging. Therefore it is important ability to get the correct material quickly and cut it to prepare for printing.


As much as printing is quite standard trough industry, we enchansed the printing quality with our special qc methods where we control more often potential problems.


Varnish is the  tinplate protection so it is equally important as much is the printing is. Varnish will protect tinplate and also the printing on it.

Cutting for Punching

We would like to invite you to our facility to show you our great ability. We can show that even with the simple operatons such as cutting, we can  master and make in superior quality.

Forming / Punching

If the printing gives the soul to the box, the forming and punching is the heart and strength of the packaging.

Assembly and Packaging

Our last step for the production is where we assemble, tight up the packaging and make it beautiful for final consumers.

Quality Control

Quality check one of the most important parts of every production.


Upon all standard quality testing procedures that we have, one of the enchansed steps is our measuring office.


All our product are able to meet european and american food safety standards. We also folow BPA NI standard, PHTHALATES, ROSH, and EN71 standard.