Design Studio

Our design studio was established 2007, so in past years we have developed many special shapes and artworks all different kinds of artworks.

We’ve learned that packaging must stand out. To stand out, it must be different. To be different we shall think out of the box.



During these years in China, one of the most magical moments are when you manage to connect Western thinking and Asian production. To accomplish this, we had to change the approach of the development and customer service.

Soon our development team that joined people from different interesting branches, started to invent wonderful tin boxes that were proudly sold all over the world.

In order to obtain this kind of success, we had to form “in house” development from hand drawing, 3D drawing, hand mock ups, amazing photo-realistic renders and finally 3D printed mock ups or CNC prototypes.

Now we are proud to be able to develop wonderful and quick prototypes.


  • Hand Sketch Design
  • 3D drawing with 2D design sketch
  • 3D render if you need
  • 3D printed mock up
  • CNC plastic mock up



Hand Drawing example

Even-thought everybody can make simple hand drawing, but not everybody uses it. In KaiserPack we believe that best start is with super fast hand drawing that will tell more than a thousand words. Simple sketch can help understand all elements in the mid communication, however when sketch is approved, we always proceed with realistic CAD design.


3D Drawing example

After the Hand Drawing is approved, we will proceed to 3D mock up. This mock up will show all the details and functionality in details. Even that hand drawing is great explanation tool, the 3D substantiation advantage is it’s clean-cut presentation suitable for high end clients.


3D Render example

Need to develop product catalog before prototype is done?

Or you do not have time to wait for prototype to be finished?

Or you just need a wonderful desktop picture…the 3D render is what you need!


3D printed example


After all prototyping decisions are made, we will finally materialize your idea to real touchable product mock up.

Some clients are very emotional when they see their idea coming from head to their hands for so short time period, well at least we are!

If the dimensions are not quite large, and the 3D embossing precision is that matters, we will decide to make 3D printed prototype


CNC Plastic Mock Up example


If for any reason 3D printed prototype is not suitable, we will make the plaster conventional CNC way that is also great and it serves perfectly to test appearance and functionality of the packaging.