Kaiser Pack Ltd produces all kind of tin boxes up to 400,000 high quality units per month, which demonstrates a processed manufacturing capability.

Since 2011, KPL has established cooperation with designer company to be able to design according to your wish any kind of artworks. Our service includes 2D/3D drawings, plastic model making, molds design and manufacturing, calculation of printing deformation for deep drawn cans, film design and output, four color paper output, tinplate proof printing, silkscreen…

Kaiser Pack Ltd has the following main products: cookies, tea and spices boxes, moon cake boxes, alcohol boxes, cosmetics, candle and aluminium boxes, game packaging and mobile phone battery boxes and various other packaging tin boxes.


Design Studio

Our design studio was established 2011, so in past years we have developed many special shapes and artworks all different kinds. We've learned that packaging must stand out. To stand out, it must be different. To be different we shall think out of the box.

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Manufacturing Procedures

As manufacturer, we have all internal procedures of production to enhance the product quality, production speed and self-sustainability.

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Quality control

We implemented our own internal quality control system based on multi check points.

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