About Us





We are an international export – oriented metal packaging company specialized in tinplate and aluminum.


Kaiser Pack Ltd was founded in early 2007, located in Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, Gaobu Town.
Kaiser Pack LTD is a production plant with excellent equipment and high technology forces, based on local and international experiences.
Since 2011, we have established cooperation with designer company to be able to design according to your wish any kind of artworks. Our service includes 2D / 3D drawings, plastic model making, molds design and manufacturing, calculation of printing deformation for deep drawn cans, film design and output, four color paper output, tinplate proof printing, silkscreen…

Our following main products: cookies, tea and spices boxes, moon cake boxes, alcohol boxes, cosmetics, candle and aluminium boxes, game packaging and mobile phone battery boxes and various other packaging tin boxes.
Our markets cover all around China, included Hong Kong, Western and Eastern European countries as well as America.

Our Machine and Man Power

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In order to reach high quality packaging, we follow up each step of production process based on the Quick Response Quality Control methods, and we are proud to say that our boxes meet the highest EU and US standards, our products are regularly tested for heavy metal and Bisphenol A and we are far below the requirement, we can provide on demand tests from SGS, TUV, etc. Our factory also follows the ISO 9001 quality management system, and our priority is to comply with social responsibility audits that you are welcome to proceed in our factory, this provides guarantees for product quality and safety of our people!

Through the efforts of each company staff, Kaiser Pack has worked with many famous customers and has established long-term and stable strategic partnerships.

Kaiser Pack wins trust and recognition from customers looking for high quality products and perfect after sale services.